Hello and welcome. I am the owner of The Ochre Hideaway, as well as the resident yoga teacher and massage therapist. I’ve been a yoga practitioner since 1997 and working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist since 2002. Working in both fields gives me a unique insight, and intuitive approach, into how I can best help each guest recover their own well-being.

Before moving to Portugal, I worked in a high-pressure corporate environment so i know what it feels like to spend long hours at a desk, staring at a screen, and the impact this has on both body and mind. It was during this time I discovered the power of massage, and my love of yoga deepened to the point where I wanted to live both more fully so I resigned from my desk job and then started working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist within the same company. This gave me years of experience learning how to facilitate the release of tension from desk-bound bodies, my speciality being sore backs and stiff necks.

I’m passionate about many things, but in particular how an authentic yoga practice invites a deep relaxation and ease from the inside out. I look forward to sharing my skills and passion with you to help you start, or continue, your own journey towards feeling balanced, integrated and inspired.