Yoga – An Invitation to Freedom, Relaxation and Contentment

YogaSpace at the Ochre Hideaway

If you have a body and can breathe, you can practice yoga. It really is for everyone, irrespective of capacity and experience. The retreat is designed as a course to give you the confidence, knowledge, and experience, to have your own self-practice, or to deepen your existing practice.

Holistic Yoga RetreatWhat you do on your mat should make you feel good, inside and out. Classes are based upon the Dynamic Yoga Method which is a rhythmic and meditative practice, with a strong focus on structural integrity, especially of the spine. The more intimate you become with your body, the more you can feel and learn to trust its inherent intelligence. As your awareness deepens, ‘monkey-mind’ quietens naturally and effortlessly, grounded in the sensations of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, balanced, and integratedOne to one classes.

The small class-size ensures you will receive lots of individual attention to maximise the benefits of your practice and classes can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals within the group as a whole. 

Solo Retreat If you would like to come to The Ochre Hideaway for a solo retreat to deepen your existing practice please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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